Walking The Dog

Someone suggested that they felt “…something slightly apocalyptic about this one. Weren’t there dogs in the ‘Book of Revelations’? ‘Outside are the dogs, those who practice the magic arts…’”

I’m not the most learned of theologians, but I do seem to vaguely recall something from Sunday school along the lines of “…and then a plague of inflatable animals heralded the beginning of the apocalypse…’ or some such, from the Book of Dalmatians, Chapter 1, Verse 101. Mind you, Sunday school was quite a long time ago now, so the memory is getting a little hazy.

Well, apart from that stolen kiss I got from Sherilee Dilling, round by the bins. I have fond memories of that moment.

The Shooting Gallery

As I know some people are occasionally curious as to how I get some of these more ‘blatant’ street shots, I quite enjoyed this one:

I was walking into Bath to meet a friend last week and was running late, but a tourist bus had stopped and the guide was giving an animated lecture on the magnificent Royal Crescent. I couldn’t resist. I walked [quite quickly] between the guide and the assembled faces and took three shots as I passed the regimented ‘gallery’… I dropped the camera from my eye after the final shot, without breaking my stride, smiled and gave a hearty “Morning,” to a chorus of bemused chuckling. I don’t think the guide had been getting many laughs. As I approached he said ‘Any questions?’ to stony  silence. And wasn’t I pointing my camera in the wrong direction?!  : )

The Octopus

Kids say the [unintentionally] funniest things… Wandering through the sublime Westonbirt Arboretum we come across three young kids playing among the trees. They all pick up sticks from the ground and begin waving them in the air. The first excitedly strikes a pose and exclaims…”I’ve got a sword!” The second yelps “I’ve got a gun!” The third looks briefly lost for options before saying “I’ve got a… stick.” He’s either going to become a stand-up comedian or I fear for his imaginative future.