For The Dogs

Elliott Erwitt held an impassioned eye for our canine friends – his To The Dogs series is a beautifully rendered testament to his love of man’s best friend. He says in his introduction to the book, “I don’t take pictures of dogs, to me dogs are people.” And as a photographer inspired by Erwitt’s imagery and a dog-owner myself, it’s no surprise to find myself drawn to them during my street wanderings, too.

So, it was probably no surprise to learn that I chose to close my book, The Road To Here, with my own subconscious tribute to Erwitt and the passion for street photography he unearthed in me, and as a dedication to these wonderful creatures too, as they attempt to make sense of our world; living their own quiet truth.

Here are a sprinkling of images, many of which didn’t make the cut for the aforementioned book:

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