Seascapes & Landscapes

The Seascapes & Landscapes section contains an ongoing body of work, including another deeply personal project which slowly evolved from my occasional visits to the gloriously deserted coastline of south-west England and Wales.

“I find a piece of my soul every time I visit the sea.”

This work also provided the catalyst to one of my most rewarding photography experiences when my imagery was interpreted in paint by American artist Michelle Firment Reid resulting in the joint exhibition, Where The Land Meets The Sea: Together Alone, the Artist and the Photographer in Tulsa, Oklahoma [the story of which can be found in the blog post here].

If you’re reading this you can click through from the links you see below [Note: Click on the images or subject titles to take you to their respective pages], or you can access the individual pages via the drop-downs from the main menu in the usual way.

Where The Land Meets The Sea contains the sections Where The Land Meets The Sea [including The Exhibition] alongside my other work from many years of annual visits to gloriously deserted coastline including my new work: Wavelengths.

The Landscapes section contains all my other work away from the coast, much of which is inspired by the trees and the shift in seasons, found within the body’s of work: Drift and Aura.

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