Street [UnLondon]

Street [UnLondon] is the slightly tongue-in-cheek reference to the images I’ve captured away from The Capital City; for many people beyond these shores, and even for a greater many people on these islands, it can sometimes come as a small surprise that life does exist beyond London, despite its gravitational pull.

I actually live in the southwest of England, so the images you see here are mostly taken in the adjacent city’s of Bristol and Bath. Although only separated by about 10 miles, both cities undoubtedly possess their own distinct character and atmosphere; Bristol the slightly brutish and brawny neighbour with its sprawl of disparate secrets, while Bath holds an elegance and history elevating it to World Heritage Site status built on its Roman archaeology [the city so-named after its natural hot springs] and with its quintessential golden-hued Bath Stone.

Bath and Bristol both feel like home to me – living as I do on the outskirts of the latter within easy reach of the former – where I can sometimes feel a little like the diplomatic middle child negotiating an uneasy truce between two grouchy siblings. It’s arguable if this effectively comes across in the people and characters I capture on their respective streets but the dynamic does create something intuitively unique when I walk them.

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