Reflecting : Evolution

iPhone… iPad… iPod… iAm a materialistic gadget monkey… Is this you? Next time I go out and have a coffee, I’m going to take an abacus with me and proudly plonk it down on the table next to my cappuccino and stare at it with an air of earnest intellect and detached cool.

For some time now I’ve imagined our evolutionary future… A brain housed inside a body which has morphed into a huge chair, with one long digit to operate the remotes and screens; taking in liquidised junk food and coffee intravenously. It would seem this creature is evidence of that evolutionary leap – albeit its currently still taking the coffee and junk food in the conventional way.

Which Way Is Up?

I went to an artistic photographic lecture recently, where the guy actually said at one point [amongst other noteworthy pretentious intellectual, er, waffle] “I wanted my photography to explore the, uh, Arcadian periclinal realm…” For a briefly disconcerting moment there, I thought the poor man was having a seizure!

“Look, I’m not an intellectual – I just take pictures.” Helmut Newton [Thanks, Carlein. : )]

Together Alone

Do you know my favourite size stat? [No, not that one! {Rolls eyes} The mind-boggling one about there being potentially more stars in the sky than grains of sand on the entire earth.] Well, then there really could be a star in the sky for every person that’s ever lived and died. And maybe, just maybe, theologians got it entirely wrong, and THE bible isn’t The Bible at all. In fact, it’s The Little Prince.

Tunnel Of Light : The Waiting Room

What are we all looking for? With so many references to Steve Jobs’ sad passing today at the relatively young age of 56, I’ve heard equally as many references to his ‘Live each day like it’s your last…’ quote. It sounds absurdly naive on the surface. Wholly impossible and/or wholly exhausting in fairly equal measure. And yet, I was considerably more taken by his own addition to that famous quote…

Love what you do. Look at yourself in the mirror each day and ask yourself if you’re going to do something you love, or if you made a difference today, no matter how small. And, if the answer becomes ‘No’ on too many occasions, it’s time to seriously contemplate a change. Life really is too short, and gets shorter by the day, to be passively avoiding doing something you love.