Together Alone

Do you know my favourite size stat? [No, not that one! {Rolls eyes} The mind-boggling one about there being potentially more stars in the sky than grains of sand on the entire earth.] Well, then there really could be a star in the sky for every person that’s ever lived and died. And maybe, just maybe, theologians got it entirely wrong, and THE bible isn’t The Bible at all. In fact, it’s The Little Prince.

Tunnel Of Light : The Waiting Room

What are we all looking for? With so many references to Steve Jobs’ sad passing today at the relatively young age of 56, I’ve heard equally as many references to his ‘Live each day like it’s your last…’ quote. It sounds absurdly naive on the surface. Wholly impossible and/or wholly exhausting in fairly equal measure. And yet, I was considerably more taken by his own addition to that famous quote…

Love what you do. Look at yourself in the mirror each day and ask yourself if you’re going to do something you love, or if you made a difference today, no matter how small. And, if the answer becomes ‘No’ on too many occasions, it’s time to seriously contemplate a change. Life really is too short, and gets shorter by the day, to be passively avoiding doing something you love.

Second-hand Immune System Sought : One Careful Owner

I’ve looked on eBay… nothing. I thought you could buy anything on eBay? Music, comics, golf clubs, virginity, Britney Spears’ used bubble gum, a cornflake the shape of Illinois, a 50,000-year-old mammoth and a decommissioned nuclear bunker. [A somewhat curious single lot, for sure!] Clearly there’s a gap in the market here: the buying and selling of immune systems.

Another option might be to look into genetics. My dog, Willow, clearly has exceptional genes. He never gets sick and possesses the kind of energy and silky coat that I could only dream of. I think it might just work… with that amount of vitality coursing through my veins, I’d be dangerous. And if the only potential down side was a need to be wormed every six months and a mildly disturbing propensity to wander around in public randomly sniffing strangers’ arses, then I believe that would be a small price to pay.

Anyone who might know the kind of doctor/scientist that may consider such an undertaking, let me know. No questions asked.

Footnote: Sue drove off to work this morning and returned a few minutes later having forgotten her mobile phone charger. She eventually found it in a basket in the bedroom. She then couldn’t find the car keys she’d just come in with. Five minutes later… in the basket she’d found the phone charger in. I fear it’s going to be a long haul into senility from here.

At The Zoo : Watching The Animals

This is my favourite image. It provided the catalyst for my initial photography passion and a memorable year studying the subject full-time on the renowned Foundation Photography Course at Filton College, Bristol. The image also subsequently featured in The Independent Photography Competition.

Then, after almost a decade of barely clicking a shutter in anger, in the summer of 2008 my dormant passion was reignited: after being nudged by a good friend, I entered two images [among 1000s] into the Tate’s Street Or Studio competition, and it won through again. So, for a few weeks during that intoxicating summer, you could see this image on show in Tate Modern. And, if that wasn’t surreal enough, in late autumn it was projected to a size of about 15feet by 12feet for the official Street or Studio: A Photobook launch in Tate Britain’s Duveen Gallery… with the Turner Prize candidates through one adjacent archway, and a Francis Bacon retrospective the other… too surreal!  🙂

I also recently put an original hand print of this into an auction to help the people of Japan, following the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, and was delighted to raise £150.00.

So, one way or another, this image has meant a great deal to me. And, almost sadly now… I never knew her.

This was how the image was displayed in Tate Modern throughout the summer of 2008.

This was how it was somewhat dramatically displayed in Tate Britain on the day/evening of the book launch in the autumn of 2008. Sue, uh, enthusiastically claiming knowledge of photographer. : D