It’s my 20th wedding anniversary today. Gulp! Where did all that time go? …{Glances in mirror at evidence}… well, it certainly went, that’s for sure! My wife is in this picture [not the bride]; one of my favourite wedding candid shots. [That is bride/groom stage right. : )]

Reflecting : Evolution

iPhone… iPad… iPod… iAm a materialistic gadget monkey… Is this you? Next time I go out and have a coffee, I’m going to take an abacus with me and proudly plonk it down on the table next to my cappuccino and stare at it with an air of earnest intellect and detached cool.

For some time now I’ve imagined our evolutionary future… A brain housed inside a body which has morphed into a huge chair, with one long digit to operate the remotes and screens; taking in liquidised junk food and coffee intravenously. It would seem this creature is evidence of that evolutionary leap – albeit its currently still taking the coffee and junk food in the conventional way.