The Anatomy Of A Stroke [Day 24]

No turning back now.

Dad went to meet the consultant who will perform the operation tomorrow [Day 25]. Thankfully, he presented the necessity for the operation [carotid endarterectomy] clearly, concisely and compassionately. And, while being realistic about its inherent dangers, left dad reassured and acceptingly philosophical over the choice.

Having witnessed such remarkable progress to this point, it seems almost counter intuitive to return to the hospital and willingly plunge yourself into the vagaries of chance again so soon; the temptation to simply go with how you’re currently feeling. But the only virtual guarantee without the operation is another stroke: next year… next month… next week… tomorrow… And that, realistically, is an impossible thing to live with. “It would be like walking around with a time bomb waiting to go off in my head.” A time bomb that would now likely kill or permanently paralyse. Essentially, the very epitome of Hobson’s choice.

So, tomorrow will inevitably feel like the longest day. Dad’s being picked up at 7:00am. Operation will be late morning and lasting 2-3 hours. Given his age/condition, it will be an overnight stay, but home on Friday without complications. And then… get on with the rest of your life [and, of course, the ongoing torture of the daily physio visits and his ultimate measurement of recovery and motivational aim: to play golf again. Which is usually a bloody long walk! Even the way he played it before the stroke! : )].

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