My Fantastic Voyage… We’re going in…

On Monday… my dad was in hospital, my wife was in hospital and I was in hospital. It’s not exactly up there with a lottery win, but the odds must be about the same!!

Allow me to introduce you to my end of the bargain. If you click here you will be introduced you to my oesophagus, stomach, duodenum and small bowel… er, all as I’ve never seen them before.

I was very brave. [Uh, even if I so say so myself!] No sedative. Anaesthetic sprayed to the back of the throat until it feels like your tongue’s the size of a basketball. And the voyage begins. Followed by one of those, feels-like-the-longest-ten-minutes-of-your-life scenarios. The gag reflex is certainly a strong reflex! And the nurse is saying “Breathe… go to your favourite place… breathe… you’re doing really well… go to your favourite place…” Eyes like sprinklers! And, of course, you can’t say anything in reply. Until afterwards…

“I will never have the same relationship with my favourite place ever again!”

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