Invisible Ink And Other Vanishing Stories

People used to my waffle will be excused for thinking this has mostly been written in invisible ink or, to use 21st Century parlance, invisible electrons. But I’ve just tumbled in here emerging from an inverted canopy of autumn leaf fall to enthusiastically say…

“Bringing to a close a fantastic year of exhibitions at the Royal West of England Academy [RWA], the 160th Autumn Exhibition showcases the cream of painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture and architecture, selected and curated by an expert panel from thousands of submitted works.”

I submitted three pieces of work – all of which made pre-selection. [There were also two images from The Anatomy Of A Stroke series.] I dared to dream, but was more than delighted when hearing my first attempt at entering such a prestigious mixed media exhibition – at what the The Spectator magazine labels ‘a jewel in the crown of England’s exhibiting venues’ – was rewarded by the encouraging inclusion of this image: a potential new direction for my landscape work, incorporating movement into an otherwise static scene to evoke thoughts beyond the confines of the frame, tapping in to the void between the real and the imagined.


The Falling Leaf

Varnishing Day lunch for all exhibiting artists this Friday and the Private View on Saturday evening, the exhibition then runs 21 October – 30 December 2012. [I did initially read that as a Vanishing Day lunch. Which sounded particularly intriguing!]

RWA Website

Note: Apparently includes a piece of work by Honorary RWA member, HRH The Prince of Wales. I wonder if he’ll be at the Varnishing Lunch or the Private View? And, if he his, will he recognise me?! : )


3 Replies to “Invisible Ink And Other Vanishing Stories”

    1. Hi Julie. Sorry. Unintentionally wandered off there for a bit. Another computer death! Yeah, I’m really pleased to have my work in such a prestigious mixed media exhibition. It’s pretty big – with 500+ pieces – but at the Private View, Sue and I went to find where my work had been hung and as we got there a woman was taking a photo of it with her phone: one of three pieces she was considering to buy! So that was a fun moment. : )

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