So, That Was 2011 : Do You Like Lists?

I’m a fan of The List. So, here’s a couple of music related ones. This is my Top 20 Artists according to the stats compiled by the LastFM scrobbler during the past year. [Not technically conclusive. As LastFM doesn’t peer over my shoulder when I’m listening to CDs on the hi-fi, or come for rides with me in the car. But it provides a subtle flavour in capturing what I listen to sat here, on the computer, and on my iPod nano.]

1 Josh Pyke
2 The Boxer Rebellion
3 Epic45
4 Elbow
5 Thirteen Senses
6 Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová
7 Death Cab for Cutie
8 Bon Iver
9 Foo Fighters
10 The Cure
11 The Swell Season
12 Pearl Jam
13 Joshua Radin
14 Goldfrapp
15 The Temper Trap
16 Train
17 The Motorhomes
18 Third Eye Blind
19 Windsor For The Derby
20 Eddie Vedder

And LastFM says the Top 20 Tracks were:

1 Joshua Radin – Closer  
2 Josh Pyke – Feeding the Wolves   
3 Pearl Jam – Just Breathe  
4 David Ford – To Hell With The World  
5 Kosheen – All In My Head
6 The Boxer Rebellion – Flashing Red Light Means Go
7 Lifehouse – Everything  
8 Goldfrapp – Black Cherry
9 Kings of Leon – Arizona  
10 Train – Parachute
11 Windsor For The Derby – Autumn Song  
12 The Motorhomes – Long Distance Runners  
13 Josh Pyke – Beg Your Pardon
14 Josh Pyke – Drop In The Stitch
15 Epic45 – The Future is Blinding  
16 Train – Marry Me  
17 The Motorhomes – Psalm  
18 Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová – The Swell Season  
19 Eddie Vedder – Society  
20 Goldfrapp – A&E

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