RGB Awards 2012 : Bristol Festival of Photography [BFOP]

Getting a little excited about this now. I’ve never been to a photography awards evening, much less one with two of my own images accepted [from the deeply personal The Anatomy Of A Stroke series*]!

* Thanks to the continued support and encouragement of my father. Who, incidentally, finally looked at the whole series – partly prompted by this news – only late last week.

Although… {Glances at watch: 5:30pm Wednesday} …I’d much rather be happy and relaxed. I got the two images printed a couple of days ago, but I want to include the text in the frame, too. And, as it’s not something I’ve done before, this is being stubbornly problematic.  [Or am I being stubbornly problematic?!] Anyhoo… I just desperately want to strike the right balance between image and text, especially so the latter, being in the frame, doesn’t overly distract from the former. I finally plumped for square frames yesterday. But with other life getting in the way and time rapidly running out, inspiration [and printing!] needs to punch me in the face very soon.

{Fiddles with worry beads and rubs lucky rabbit’s foot}

Oh, and it’s these two:

One Reply to “RGB Awards 2012 : Bristol Festival of Photography [BFOP]”

  1. UPDATE:

    Actually, I’m not too disappointed, but the word on the street is that these images would’ve done very well, but there was a collective sigh of ‘Ahhhh…’ when the awards were being decided due to my inclusion of the text [within the frame]! Ho-hum.

    I guess I was always far too close to this ‘work’ to view it objectively. I can certainly understand the reasoning behind the feedback I received – and it’s certainly very useful to have had that distanced perspective.

    Essentially, I guess I had never able to see this as ‘work’ or a ‘series’ to be viewed critically. But, thanks to some of those comments, I may well look at the potential presentation of this material and submit it for other things in the near future.

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