Free Hugs : A Personal Story

I’m a published author! Sounds grand, eh?

Oh, okay… I’m a self-published author. Suddenly, the grandness of the opening sentence falls like scales from a lover’s eyes when they return home unexpectedly early from work to find you wearing their underwear and masturbating over a photograph of her mother.

Look. It only happened the once. Let it go! Ahem.

Where was I? Oh, yeah… my first book. And it flopped onto my doormat yesterday morning: Free Hugs : A Personal Story chronicles my alter ego, Hugh Mann’s, experiences with a Free Hugs sign over two and a half extraordinary years in the magnificent city of Bath, England. I cobbled it together using the rather excellent Blurb software, and I’m very impressed by the quality and feel of the book, too [softcover]. And it will certainly prove to be a wonderful lifetime/experience keepsake, as was always its main intention.

But… It’s not exactly the cheapest way to produce a book, and I can’t help but think it’s a frightening amount for others to potentially buy into. It certainly doesn’t feel like a 30UKP book in the hands! So, as pleased as I am with the result, there’s a part of me that almost feels obliged to warn potential buyers to lower their expectation due to the price alone.

I wonder if anyone on Blurb has had any experience of buyers actually throwing a book back at them when they eventually get hold of it? Perhaps I should disable the hardcover option, just in case?! Or simply buy a book crash helmet?!

I’m already regretting not fully investigating its pop-up Free Hug potential; the book could’ve then immediately consoled the buyer. As it is, I’ve decided to go with offering a FREE pack of crayons to eat for all purchasers.

However, I have uploaded the entire book as a PREVIEW which can be seen if you click on the image below:






2 Replies to “Free Hugs : A Personal Story”

  1. I received my book and I LOVE IT! As you know, you inspired me to do Free Hugs in Niagara Falls, Canada and it was one of the happiest, remarkable, memorable days of my life! I am so happy you are finally a published author!

    1. Thanks, Christa. I’m really happy [and relieved!] to hear you’re pleased with the book. And I like how you enjoy the irony of me being a ‘published’ author, too. Well, not only that, but someone actually bought a copy, too – which vaguely offsets the self-publishing angle. Almost. [In fact, as of this very day, I’ve now sold two! {Checks retirement plan}]

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