The Hotel

I stumbled upon this deserted hotel during a visit to some gloriously deserted coastline. Left to its own devices in the teeth of the oncoming Atlantic storms, it’s certainly picked up a few scars.

There are surprisingly few abandoned buildings like this in the UK, and should you find them, they’re often much harder to access than this one, too. [All the doors were blocked by heavy sleepers except one – presumably the one the people who blocked up all the other doors exited from! So I managed to squeeze in.] I spent about an hour familiarising myself with echoes of things not there. At times, certainly in the darker recesses of the north side of the building, distinctly unnerving.

The setting [not fully revealed in the mainly interior focus] overlooking Whitesands Bay in splendid isolation contained a curious symbiosis with the infamous The Overlook Hotel from The Shining. As I began processing, the appearance of a few ghostly echoes felt inevitable; the voices long gone, the series became a search for the forgotten.

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