Paragraph Shorts : Issue 61

Quietly delighted to have an image of mine featured in the latest issue of Paragraph Shorts [Issue 61]. I say quietly, as the associated remuneration rolls through my financial world like an apparition of tumbleweed. But maybe association with the great and the good will rub off kindly, unlike the love-heart drawn upon my hand by my childhood first love in blue biro; I didn’t wash my hand for over a week, until it slowly faded, like her love for me…

Huh? Oh, yeah, I digress!

Paragraph Shorts is a free app associated with the iPad and iPad mini: “...brings you the world’s best short stories in text, audio and video. Each issue features some of the most captivating storytellers from the most interesting literary publications, coupled with moving imagery from amazing photographers and artists.”

My image has been used alongside the story The Gypsy Chooses the Whatever Card by acclaimed American short story writer and novelist, Ann Beattie.

Somewhat ironically, I haven’t actually seen Issue 61 in all its intended glory, as I don’t possess an iPad. Uh, despite my apparent moving imagery and amazingness abilities, I am confined by my school issue Asus MeMo android tablet and the sense of a world tantalisingly out of reach. But the kindly folk at Paragraph Shorts have sent me a couple of screenshots, so I can dream over the horizon:

Ollis landscape Ollis credits

More news soon on my follow-up to last year’s Retrospective shows at Rubicon and Rubicon Too. [The latter premises is now being redeveloped and expanded; set to open again in May with around three times the gallery wall space. Owner, Umut, has asked me to consider being a part of the opening exhibition. Watch this space.]

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